Decisions- the pathway to power

Three decisions that you make every moment of your life control your destiny.
The three decisions that control your destiny are:
1. Your decisions about what to focus on.
2. Your decisions about what things mean to you.
3. Your decisions about what to do to create the results you desire. Tony Robbins

I'm digging Tony Robbins' work this week, it is really resonating with me, its all about your decisions and how important they are and even the decisions you don't make because really not making a decision is in fact a decision!  And what is even resonated with me more is that the more conscious decisions I make is the better I get at it and failure or what is considered failure is really just feedback for the next decision!

How many times I froze because I did not want to make the "wrong" decision! Guess what? That is now a thing of the past, there is no "wrong decision" there is action and feedback!
I'm off now to make some decisions and take actions
Have an awesome day my beautiful friends


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