Drop the sense of separation

FORGIVENESS MEANS . . . accepting what is or what has been and becoming willing to see it differently. You cannot un-hear what you have heard or un-see what you have seen. What you can do is stop believing that what occurred has somehow left you broken, damaged and wounded. Forgiveness results in a shift in your perception and yourself and . . .everyone else. For this reason, forgiveness is an absolutely essential step toward your personal growth, healing and evolution. YOU MUST DO THE WORK! Iyanla 

I've learnt that we are all connected, one of my best and favorite teachers always says " the only thing that needs to be healed is our sense of separation" and I never really understood that until she broke it down very simply to say , you are connected to each and every person and living creature on the planet whether you want to admit it or accept it. And therein lies the laws of karma, an eye for an eye, the collective responsibility and pain etc. Do not for one minute believe that things that are happening around you do not affect you or that treating someone like a doormat, not forgiving, holding on to grudges etc will pass you by, we are all connected! And vice verse, you are happy and living from your highest self this will transfer and translate into the lives around you and that is why it is important to have unconditional self love!

In Brasso Seco yesterday, the community rallied together and gave me so much lessons and inspiration that I remembered the lesson

Brasso Seco is a rural community on the North Coast of Trinidad, beautiful! Rivers, rain forests, beaches, quiet no fuss! They were ri=rocked over the past couple of weeks by the brutal murder and kidnapping of an entire family including a baby 9 months old who was killed! The villages came together in a healing circle with practical solutions which in all my travels I have never seen! What a humbling experience for me and I give thanks that they invited me to be a part of this!

We are all connected! Live that!


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