Letting go is gaining

Today I am devoted to being obediently disciplined about the things I am focused on being and doing Iyanla Vanzant

Today I was asked to give a feature address at a national function! Pretty humbling request to be talking right after the President of the Country! And  I say that to make this point, letting go and being willing opens so many doors and opportunities. I thought that letting go was losing but trust me its not! It is trusting! Letting go is having faith and trust in the Universe and yourself!

I won't lie to say I am not nervous as hell but I am willing, I am showing up like I own the place and speaking from the heart!

Oh let me digress a bit, I asked a lady friend of mine to do my make up, she said she can only do it but I have to meet her at St Anns ( St Anns is the local asylum) so this adds some flavour to the pot!
Wish me luck!


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