Radio Interview time

Only the mind can create, and that correction belongs at the thought level. ACIM

Today I am on the radio at 11am EST talking about the journey! Pretty excited about the invitation and looking forward to being on one of the top radio stations in the country! Its gonna be a whole load of awesomeness and fun!

Here is what I have learnt, and it's an old African proverb "To stumble is not to fall but to move forward faster, every problem brings with it a gift" I sat and said myself today "Who knew? Who the heck knew that my experiences of the job going, the man going, the house going, the money going, me going, would turn into this absolutely simple yet magnificent experience? I said, when I accepted and took responsibility for everything that was happening in my life, that I wanted to be a demonstration of what was possible when the ego leaves and forgiveness comes and letting go takes place! I had no clue what I meant at the time but the Universe said "Really? Really Miss Akosua? strap on here we go" So remember the Universe doesn't censor it just creates so be careful with what you say!

I am a vessel now for that demonstration, and I accept it with open arms, with gratitude, humility, love and a big fat smile with all my teeth!

Look out for me today on Take Two with Lisa Sarjeant and Wayne Chance on I95FM Radio!



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