Become it

Every victim has a victim story - Micheal Beckwith

Over the past few weeks I have been asking the Universe some questions. I was pissed off, why is it not happening sooner, why? How is it that I am in this position? What is it that is happening here

And what I have learnt has been startling, not too mention empowering
Ask the Universe dis empowering questions and guess what happens? it answers you accordingly
The worse ever question you can ask the Universe is "Why Me?"
Dis empowering questions include: "What went wrong?"; "What did I do wrong?" " Why is this problem beating me?"

The challenge remains - asking empowering questions and most importantly, being willing to hear the answer, surrender and be open.
Empowering questions include What is trying to unfold? What is trying to emerge? How can I be my highest self?

It is an ongoing process, it is a discipline, an act of faith. It is not a quick fix
Vibrating on a higher level takes time and discipline

Become it, radiate it because you cannot have what you are unwilling to become


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