Learn from them do not deny them

Negative emotions are a necessary part of life and they should be managed and learned from, not avoided or denied. Mark Hanson
I run from feeling sad, I do, I run from it like Usain Bolt on a running track. Any feeling that lowers my vibration I don't want to be around it, I avoid it, hoping that it will pass and I will just go back to my normal old happy self. What used to happen is, I would skip over it, bottle it and ignore it. It would come back again like a Mac Truck and hit me - HARD. I would start the run again as soon as it returned and so the cycle went. Never stopping once to deal with it. 
The challenge with that is when shit hits fan, it splatters!!
What I have learnt is to Feel. Deal.Heal is the formula
Feel the feelings, feel it all - they are guides, they point you in a direction that will lead you to a healing
Life is about balance and seasons, it's not personal, it's just life
Every experience is a guide to your highest self
I thought that being sad or mad or tired or sick or just in a funk meant that something was wrong with me, that I had to fix it it. Nope - I had to learn from it, feel it, sometimes embrace it. It is just part of the equation called life. Every time I followed the feeling I came out on the other side lighter, with a sense of confidence that helped me for another time and another season.
I have learnt that I can take some time and feel it- that is perfectly okay to feel the feelings.
Not dwell or live in it but feel it, deal with it and heal it
Feelings buried alive don't die, they fester
Feel it
Feel it all
you come out on the other side fresh - so fresh and so clean


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