Give it time.

It can happen that sometimes we dislike a situation and we’re so quick to claw our way out that we inadvertently end up not ever dealing with our discomfort. No job, no relationship, no city, etc., is perfect. As Geneen Roth says, “Never underestimate your inclination to bolt.” The things you’re trying to change up and run from, particularly if you’re always changing up relationships, jobs, living situations, and more, indicates something you’re uncomfortable just being with, give it six months, then walk if nothing has truly changed.Marianne Selenee

I convinced myself that it was time to leave here, this island. That I gave myself enough time to "get it together" but it still seems as though things are moving along like molasses. I thought, hmm how much time does one need to get it together. And I remembered a lesson - When we know  the outcome is sure, we are happy to wait.  I will wait- waiting means trusting the process and being present when things appear to be off, looking at all alternatives before bolting
I will wait - waiting means taking off the super hero cape and asking for support
I will wait - waiting means praying and giving thanks
I will wait - waiting means paying attention to the signs
I will wait - because the outcome is sure


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