I am delighted to receive the unexpected

Trust that the unscheduled events  of our lives are a form of spiritual direction - Carolyn Myss

We love control, human beings love to know what is happening and what is next. Everything else seems like we are all over the place, that we are not focused, that we are out of control
Not being in control does not mean that things are out of control
Think of how many times that things that either happened out of the blue or by coincidence and they became defining moments in your life

I have learnt that the Universe is delighted to bring you the unexpected and I have learnt to be delighted to receive it

This week presents me a whole host of unknowns, I am remembering these lessons as I go forward on this journey

This week I am being interviewed by a radio station in the USA and I am doing my first TEDx talk. Many questions remain unanswered

I am delighted to be brought the unexpected
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