What are you hoarding- just in case?

Living in an abundant environment but operating on the assumption that good things are scarce leads to a host of dysfunctions that can be summed up in one word: excess. Most of us are living in some kind of excess; we work too much, eat too much, rack up debt buying too much stuff. Yet, driven by the unconscious, just-in-case assumption that "everything good is scarce," we just keep doing and accumulating more. Martha Beck

I was at a book reading Q and A session and a gentleman in the audience asked me "why don't they teach authenticity and abundance consciousness in our schools?" The question threw me off because it really came out of left field, here we were at a book reading session and this wonderfully thought provoking question about teaching our young ones about being true and content from an early age came up! I thought about it for a minute I really don't know why it is not taught in schools, maybe because no one believes that it is important enough to warrant some time within our school lives.

I for one, wished someone taught me about developing an abundant mindset, it would have saved me a lot of time and money and maybe heartache as well
 I would usually operate from the assumption that there is never enough so let me just acquire more just in case, and sometimes I never use the things. they sit there, time passes and the "event or situation" that warranted the acquisition never comes up 

 I saw an article somewhere where a woman - a successful one by our new world standards of job, career and so on, hoarded so many things it literally killed her, she died buried under mounds of items. The fire service had to literally dig her out, she went searching for something under the hoard and got a heart attack. Now that is an extreme case but the point I am making is that the very thought that there is never enough drives many of us bonkers. 

You may think about the starving children throughout the world, yes that is true and a serious situation but is it because there is not enough food in the world? surely not. There is so much wastage of food daily in many places, not enough money - greed can surely make it seem so and the list goes on and on.
Everything good is not scarce
Good never runs out, but it surely can change form
and yes sir I think they ought to teach this in schools
What are you hoarding and accumulating - just in case?


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