Full Commitment Only .

The chances are that it’s not the guru, the program, or the message that’s amiss. It’s your commitment to it. If you’re fully committed, you’ll get something out of it, no matter what. Buck the trend of bailing on something, and instead see it all the way through with a fervor. Tell everyone what you’re up to; ask them to join in. When you’re done, ask yourself if this time, something’s different. Kate Courageous

I want to finish everything that I start, sometimes to my detriment because I can take the thing a little bit too far. I learnt very early that sticking to the end was the best way to reap the best rewards and also to earn self trust and self belief. In learning this, I also know it is easy to create reasons, rationales, justification and excuses as to why there is no commitment to finish something.  Most times it is fear. What would happen if. What if? The curse of asking the dis-empowering what if questions 
There are also empowering what if questions as well. Why not ask them
Unfinished business build up a layer of mistrust and resentment in us, we train ourselves in believing that we cannot be trusted to finish anything then turn it into an indictment against ourselves or make loads of excuses about why something is not working.

Get to the point, the intention, the real reason why you have unfinished business. Apart from fear, it could be the reason why you started the thing in the first place. If it was to people please, chances are resentment will build up, if it is to maintain the status quo, same effect and the most destroying one of all is when you deny your unique gifts and talents

Sort out the unfinished business in your life
clean the slate
start again


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