Reality is right here

There is no need to be restless or anxious, concerned about whether I will make it or when I will make it. I will. That is all I need to know. It is accomplished already, and I can travel this illusory journey in peace knowing that in reality it is already over.ACIM

I remember exactly when I stopped being anxious and restless.
For months and months I had a pain on the side of my neck, it would not go away, nothing I did made it stop. I was obsessed with making it, I was preoccupied with what was coming next, what I had to do, all the mistakes that I made, all the debts I had to repay, the bad decisions I believed I made
A woman told me " Madam Akosua you are here, be here" I did not fully grasp it then. One evening in Kampala I started to meditate, it was my first time to go within and I literally wept. The tears just kept flowing, it was tears of joy,  because while I was in the state of silence, I just felt so grateful to be in the moment, right there. It was such an overwhelming feeling of calm and gratitude. To be there, with these awesome women, why was I  always rushing  to be somewhere else, to do something else, to want something else? Is there something somewhere else more important than where I was at the present moment?
The simple answer was plain ole no! The magic was right there where I was in the present moment
And therein the moment came where anxiety and restlessness disappeared from my approach, my neck pain was gone, just like that
Over the past few weeks it has reappeared, the anxiety and restlessness, it manifested itself in the same dull ache, this time in my lower back.
Why wasn't I...... fill in the blanks
How can I........... fill in the blanks
Where can I....... fill in the blanks
And like clockwork, as I was doing my early morning reading, the paragraph quoted above from ACIM came up, I screamed! literally! OMG yes! stop it, just stop it right now
plant seeds, tend to them and reaping time soon come. Be here now, pay attention, do the work, make the choices. Be still and KNOW


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