My most famous screw ups

When the truth you have been denying bubbles to the surface it brings with it tears and freedom Iyanla

So I was asked two very interesting questions

1. What are you  most famous screw ups?

2. What did you learn from it?

Of course I had to think about it for a hot minute. Who wants to admit their mistakes? especially the famous ones?

So after the hot minute passed, this was my response

My famous screw ups

1. Not following my intuition - my gut told me not to take the job,  There was a weird feeling I could not describe every-time I was asked to join the company or went to a meeting to discuss terms and whether I would join, but I didn't listen to my gut, I rationalized that the extra money and so called status would be a good move - within a few months I was fired.

2. Playing victim - I knew he left, he was not playing the mortgage on the house we bought together - I played helpless and made no huge effort to get another job. I wanted him to see that he was making a mistake - I paid what I could hoping that he would "rescue me" or live up to his obligations - the result was screwed up credit and the house being sold,

What Did I Learn From it?

1. Take full responsibility for all of my life - responsibility is the ability to respond.
2. Follow my gut, no exceptions, even if it is not logical - all the time. Don't take jobs only for the money
3. I was made stronger by the experiences
4. Take risks when guided by my intuition

After doing this exercise my eyes have been opened, to taking responsibility for my life and not outsourcing my happiness and paying attention to the signs.
One thing about the lesson that I have learnt  - it is only a lesson if it shifted your perspective or the way you behave, if it didn't the experience will continue to return with different experiences, different people and in different places
Have a go at the questions, answer them openly and honestly with an open mind


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