Your mind is a powerful tool

The biggest challenge in abundance is not how you bring the stuff out there to you but shifting how you think about yourself - Deborah L Johnson

Abundance is a mind set. It is a way of life, This is one of the  lessons that is taking me a while to grasp. I associate abundance with money mainly and that shift in mind is taking a long time to sink in
Abundance is not only about having money, it is about knowing that there is enough, enough time, enough resources, enough resilience , that you are enough, who you are is enough. Abundance is knowing that you start from enough and then move on. It is knowing and believing that you are and will always be taken care of, maybe not in the way you envision it or think you should be.

Abundance suggests that anything that is missing on the outside is because something is missing on the inside- that we are either not giving, not willing to give, and don't know that it is missing.

Abundance is about expansion, it is about capacity - our unlimited capacity and the ability to believe in that.

Your mind is a powerful tool of creation



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