Tobago Love

Mind is the cause of everything - ACIM

Tobago was lovely on so many levels
I believed that I would be running solo at these events. Not that doing that was a problem, it is always nice to share lessons and experiences and support is an absolutely wonderful thing.
I was not even sure how I was getting to the airport- taking a taxi here is not the most sraightforward of exercises and just on point, a friend who I haven't really seen in ages called and I asked her to take me to the airport, as I was sitting there sending a text to another friend, she was expressing that if she had the time off she would come with me, I told her next time for sure press sent on the text looked up and there she was! Surprise!!!
What an awesome way to start the tour!!!

I first had to meet the secondary school students - they were fantastic, I had loads of fun with them
the adults came after - an intense session - the thing went on and I missed my flight. The person who took us to the airport got us on the following flight like clockwork!

Things just flowed - my mind was in the zone, it was a pleasure to be in the zone and the external reflected the internal
Thank you Tobago
Love and only Love



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