The difference between numbness and emptiness

Numbness is the result of being overloaded—too much pain, too much information, too much medication. Emptiness is very different. Much of our personal and global (same thing) problems are a result of trying to stuff our emptiness—with food, power, noise, gadgets. We cram our lives with people—virtual, in-person, strangers on screens, so we don’t have to be alone. We’re raised to fill the void. Like little robots. Fill void, fill void But what if we rocked our emptiness? Felt the perimeter of ourselves. Relished the silence. Made friends with the peace that’s always waiting for us. What if we got off on the discomfort of our emptiness and let it be creative tension?
Maybe we’re just one mental reframe away from turning our universal emptiness into personal power.
"Because, you’re not empty. You’re full of space Danielle La Porte

The time is coming soon that I will be heading back to Kenya and Uganda, in 2 weeks I will be on a plane heading to a place where I call my spiritual home. There are a few places when I arrive and touch down my soul feels at peace.

One of the reasons I like being there is the amount of time I spend in silence, where I either don't have the means, time or motivation to fill the time and silence with anything, not a darn thing, I just revel in it and from the silence, so many magical things happen. I no longer fight it as I have seen the benefits of sitting in it of inviting it in.

How many of us cannot live in not even one minute of stillness or silence, there must be some sort of action happening in your life to prove to both yourself and anyone else that you are useful or not lazy. Clean, move, read, watch TV, surf the Internet, shop, play music, social media, 
Busyness is promoted and praised. It is almost like a badge of honor. I know, I've been there, took me a hot minute to realize that there is nothing to feel guilty about when I choose to be silent and still.
Have you ever heard the egg and sperm infuse, the sun rise or the moon? Have you heard the sun set or a flower bloom?
Magic and miracles happen in silence and stillness


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