Thank you Hal

There’s an ‘interactive-mind’ and a ‘universal-mind’. The ‘interactive-mind’ -- accessed through your head-brain -- is the collection of memories and opinions . . . the known territories of the old all jumbled together. With this mind running your life, there’s zero inspiration from achieving anything new. This mind fills time with attractive distractions; being busy protecting territories, but never exploring the unknown Yogi Singh

Someone I admired a great deal died last night, I spoke to him the morning, we had a lovely conversation and decided to meet next week. The conversation ended with me saying I will call you back either later today or on Monday to confirm the time to meet
Then he died

When I got the news I thought about how I did not call him back yesterday. How many times have I said I would do something and didn't
I thought about his work in rebuilding communities and how much he loved his country
I said I will not let his work be in vain, I cannot- how many people give their lives to a cause to better their communities no matter what? He was one
Taking what the status quo would call risks, always finding a way to explore the unknown without worrying about what happened in the past. I really admired him and will do my best to continue the great work he has started
I have been blessed to have known him - a true patriot!
Thank you Hal!


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