Remain open

Facing the ache of ending doesn't compare to the inauthenticity of continuation

 Danielle La Porte

Endings are usually challenging, particularly when you are comfortable, and as they say, know the devil that you have rather the one that you don't. Human beings avoid pain and change. It's just the way we have evolved. Yesterday as I was listening to the speakers at TEDX Women, one thing was abundantly clear. In birthing something new there is some discomfort, there may be some paid but when we stop resisting it it brings us a message and in the end it brings us new beginnings
I am not at the point of having to make decisions about endings, the what if's are rearing their heads, so this was a timely reminder to not resist, to remain open, to know that birthing and creating involve some pain and discomfort
What are you avoiding ending because of the fear of pain and discomfort?


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