Ask and You Shall Receive

You want help? Ask for help. You want love? Ask for love. If you want anything from the universe, anything from yourself, you must first ask.” 
― Kamand Kojouri
Asking for support was never my strong point, I had this belief that asking for support showed that I was weak! I never even questioned that thought. I thought that asking exposed my own failings so it was easier and better to suck it up,or hide, or lay low until I fixed "it."
Lay low until the storm passed or some other scene  happened which would not allow me to ask anyone for anything! It was tiring! It was soul destroying. It was stoopid!
And then shit hit fan, I had to do inner work.  I learnt if, I cannot receive, I cannot give!
Giving and Receving go hand in hand.
I judged those who asked as weak, so I saw myself as weak.Unconsciously
I also learnt that  asking and giving to the weak is giving with conditions. Giving ought to be from the heart, for the joy of it, for the love, for the service.
People generally like to help and support others, the way that life is set up, we are all connected, connection lends itself to support, and the best way to get support is to ask for it, with a clean heart, no judgement, for the greater good.
Time and time when I forget I am reminded. The Universe works just like that!
In July, the Nina Programme  hosts a camp for young ladies. We, the awesome Pat and Avinash who support me no matter what,  work in partnership with a care home for girls. As it happens it is a sponsored camp. Uusally by now we have the funds lined up, the place sorted and are ready to roll. As of yesterday we did not have the dime nor any promises of any!
I was sad, I was down. I said I would cancel it.
I woke up this morning and said "wait a minute? who did I ask?"
Then the inside chatter came flooding, the feelings of being weak, of me failing and not handling my business, truth be told I really spent little time on raising funds having been pulled in different directions over the past five months.
I decided to ignore the chatter and ask people.
I sat down and asked people who were friends, people who I met on the Journey.
By the end of me asking I had some of the funds to start!
Ask for what you want, be clear, be willing to hear no, be willing to do the work, be willing to receive, be willing to ask again!
I am so grateful for the lessons
The NiNa Programme will commence on July 9th 2018
Thank you to all who contributed
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