Happy Birthday to Me

I know that we must make healthy choices in everything from food to lovers, and must take care of ourselves rather than always being anxious about the response of others. I know we must feel comfortable in our skin, no matter what shade it is. Susan L Taylor 

Confessions on the Journey - I have about 3 things that I fear for real for real for real ( that's 3 for real's, s its a lot of fear!)

1. I fear getting into water as I cannot swim

2. I fear dying alone

3. I fear getting old

Today is my birthday. The fear comes up like a beast  annually, and came up like one tday! I invited it in this morning and we had a chat!
We spoke about embracing the present moment, we spoke about the wisdom that comes with experience, we spoke about the dreams unfulfilled that I have an opportunity to still fulfil if I so desire, and we spoke about  how there ain't nothing that I can do to change this annual thing!
And to end it all we spoke about how great I look!

And with that the fear subsided, I was able to be in the moment and accept what was in front of me. I woke up early and took a hike to Avocat Falls on the North Coast, it was absolutely stunning and in that moment I let those fears go!

Happy Birthday to me



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