Trust Yourself

When you trust yourself, you don't feel as anxious. Decisions don't feel so hard to work through. Challenging days can happen without throwing you so off-course.  Kate Courageous

Trusting yourself is a never a bad idea! It comes with you doing some work though! Depending on your circumstances, there are times when trusting ourselves can be challenging. What I have learnt is that trusting yourself is a process and does not happen overnight but with practice and faith it happens and makes all the difference, especially in making decisions.

Trusting Ourselves is important because

1. We can trust others.

2. We can trust life and the process of life

3. We can, when we make mistakes, trust ourselves enough to make another choice knowing that all will be okay

4. We listen to our intuition 

5. We develop self confidence and self love

When I go against what I know and trust it usually blows up in my face like a bomb! I ought to know this my now!
A friend of mine asked me to assist her with something, my intution screamed to me- no, don't do it, you love her however you know that she has challenges with committing and this what she is asking for requires committment
I spoke to her, I asked her if she was willing to commit
She said yes
I went through the hoops and facilitated the support, guess what?
She bailed!
I was mad with myself
I trust myself to know that I will be alright
but I did not listen and trust myself in the moment!
And with this lesson I am reminded that trust is an essential tool for this journey called life

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