Will you take a Risk?

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”  Maya Angelou

Yesterday, the young ladies from the NiNa Programme participated in stilt walking, this is a long held tradition in our country that we call "Moko Jumbies". People walk on stilts as high as 6 feet tall, they dance on them and have a good ole time. Especially during our annual carnival celebration.

It takes courage and the willingness to take risks to get up on those stilts. I always marvel when I see them dancing and hopping on one foot.
Falling down is par for the course when learning the art
And so the thinking behind taking the young ladies was to build courage and for them to learn that falling is okay, it is in the staying down that can be an issue
They were all quite keen to go
We arrived and they were introduced to the stilts, they were all scared of falling, credit to them they all put on the stilts and made a right go of it
If I was not prompted I would have not had the courage to get up on those stilts. I would have gladdly sit on the sidelines

If you got off the sidelines & into the game, it might mean that you seriously suck. 
Or that you failed. 
Or that you made a mistake. 
It might mean that people can see you. They can see your skills. & thus, they can judge.
They can hurt your feelings.
Sidelines are safe. But you’ll always suck.
You’ll never get better at:
Or speaking.
Or asking.
Or creating.
or loving.
or flirting.
Or any of it.
You’ll stay where you are.
Your skills won’t be tested.
You’ll never prove your own strength.
You’ll never get any better.
So get off of them.
Whatever sidelines you're standing on in your life.

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