Take Care of You

money, that thing we chase so much, can’t save us - Luvvie Ajayi

Someone I know asked me "Am I really taking care of myself?" I only ever considered that person as an aquitance, someone that I admire from afar, we have the occasional random conversation when we se each other at events or the occasional text message. So to hear the this question was almost out of the blue

I asked "why do you ask, do I project that I don't take care of myself?"
"No, I just see what is going on with people who are doing amazing things in the world committing suicide and I want to make sure that you are taking care of you"

I thought about that and it made me realise that I had to make another choice.
I stopped going to therapy because my counsellor took a job overseas, when she asked me if I wanted a referral, I said no thank you, I just wanted her! (that was me throwing my toys out the pram in protest)  I have to make a choice to continue at counselling

I go to counselling because
1. I want to unpack my "baggage" before I show up with it on every journey
2. I want to have the best tools to build my life
3. I get to speak to someone who is neutral and non judgemental
4. I get sound guidance
5. This is part of me loving myself

So, what are you doing? Are you really taking care of you?


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