Do You Justify Doing Crazy Stuff?

We like to justify, especially when we do crazy stuff - Iyanla Vanzant

How many of us do stuff we know is madness at the time but still do it, then we get asked about it or called out on it and justify it with some other mad reason?

Ok, I don't know about you but I have done it!
I have justified the crazy shit that I have done with some bull shit reason and excuse!

Because I wanted to be right
I did not want to look like a fool
I did not want anyone to tell me "I told you so"
I wanted to look good
I wanted to be the smart one
I wanted to show that my decisions were sound

And here's the thing with all of that, wanting and not wanting all that
it does not change what you have done nor change the lessons that you must learn in the process.

Life is like that, we make decisions that are not in the best interests for you in the moment. When we do not own it we continue to make the same mistakes and repeating the same patterns.

I have learnt to accept the reality and do not make yourself guilty
Feel the feelings and go through the journey

Get comfortable with making decisions that are not always popular or right.
Start there
But know this, you can always make another choice and you will learn valuable lessons on the journey.


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