Check Yourself

Look out and see what is, maybe understand why it is that way but do not feel trapped by it, do not feel that it is bigger than you, we created all this drama but what you create you can uncreate Rev Deborah L Johnson

Take an honest look at your life, no judgement. What are some conditions in your life that you contributed to? I've learnt that when we start defending and justifying our decisions, there may be some drama or some guilt involved

It is almost like someone touched an open would, you cringe, or you may react, you scream, you attack, you defend.

It may seem like a simple question or remark from some one and it is either a case of all hell breaking loose or a passive aggressive stance.

Taking an honest look at my life I have realised that I contribute to some of my drama and as much as it is hard to admit, I have come to realise that when I acknowledge and accept it the power to change it lies with me
When I ignore it, or deny it, or justify it then the drama continues
And...drama is optional
So I am taking my power back, I am doing an honest non judgemental assessment of what is happening with me
It cannot be everyone else all the time!

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