The Bootstrapper's Way

When you’re no longer needing a witness; when you are no longer wanting to be 'OK' . . . this is when you’re open to the surprise of being phenomenal in ways that you’ve never imagined.
you must release ‘wanting’ in order to embrace ‘having’ . . . awakening . . . it comes with confidence; it comes with simplicity, and it comes with trust and joy. In today’s world there’s an obsession with witness, and to be witnessed; there’s also a need to justify and explain each experience. This is not living . . . this is witnessing an explanation of living.  Guru Singh

I signed up to do a PhD. I believed at that time that it would elevate me into another stratosphere and people would see that I am doing relevant work. I t would make me credible because in my mind, nothing else could have come close to this credential, who would question it?
I signed up after selling my car and whatever else I could have sold, I left a bit of a mess at home and made the journey to Manchester with one year's money for a three year programme adn lots of hope and promise

The doubts and questions came daily! Am I doing the right thing? Is this really what I want? I enjoyed it for the most part, I got the opportunity to teach at one of the best Universities in the land and was living in a very safe and hip city. I did not complete the programme, I ran out of money, I ran out of justifications and the Univers came calling
This month, the thesis which I completed in my first year will be published into a book "The Bootstrapper's Way" 
It was never in the plan
I received a request to publish it and I started with yes!
I give thanks for the opportunity
It was so ironic, that what I was looking for - came in a different way
Keep an open mind and a willing spirit and don't pigeon hole yourself in what it is supposed to look like

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