Remain open

I will gain more understanding when I long as I have an emotional attachment to a goal, I am attached to the fear of not achieving the goal. Iyanla Vanzant

My disappointment always comes with having a particular attachment to how something must look. I want it a certain way at a certain time
Or sometimes I want it to look like it did in the past
Or sometimes I want certain people to be involved or notice
Or sometimes I want the thing to end sooner than it has to

Attachment to the way things look and how it is supposed to be is different that setting a goal/having a vision and working it
Once the work has been done, the faith has been activiated, the self belief has been tapped into, you are on the right path. Things may show up in  ways you would never ever ever imagine.
Do not block the flow by wanting it to be one way, remain open and willing to have things on the road to where you are going look different, feel different, be different!

These past few weeks, raising funds for the NiNa Programme have reinforced these lessons
I wanted a couple corporate sponsors, I wanted to have the cash now so I could be morecomfortable as this is the week before it begins, I wanted to have more time to plan and speak to people, but alas, as soon as I let go of all of these attachments of how it is supposed to look and feel and what happened last time, I realised and confirmed to myself that no matter what, this thing is happening
I also have some angels who support and assist me in ways I cannto even describe- from their heart too!

So as much as we want something, we must remember that there are many different ways to achieve it, many different avenues. Be open to the many possibilities, do the work, have the faith and watch how it all unfolds

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