Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” 
― Stephen Richards

Manifestation is always a lesson that I was fascinated with
Manifestation is this case is about seeing something in my mind's eye, doing the work and then letting it go, surrendering to the process in faith, trust and patience! The surrendering part is always the most challenging
As I practice it more I get better at it and less fussed about what and when things will happen

I had a conversation with my business manager a few months ago, I wanted to talk at an annual conference which I believed fit in to my vision. I asked her if she knew anyone that we could have approached. Left it there
Come Sunday 8th July I will be speaking at this conference, it landed in my lap! They called me yesterday and asked if I would be interested in speaking at the event
I literally screamed! Manifestation at it utmost best!
I have learnt when we are impatient, and doubtful we stump the process, when we are wanting to control it all, we stump the process,  when we blame others, we stump the process
So what do we do, do the work and have the faith
Doing the work is being at your best, making the calls, sending the emails, showing up, being present, listening to the intuition- not acting on fear and doubt!
and, and, and, learning to surrender it all


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