A Delay is Not A Denial

A Delay is Not a Denial - Luke 18

Disappointment sucks doesn't it? When that thing that you want so bad is eluding you, or taken away from you or even denied, doesn't it feel like a sucker punch to the gut?
Confessions on the Journey - disappointment hurts! As part of the human race, I want what I want when I want it. Can anyone feel me here?
What I have learnt is, sometimes what I want is not what I need and sometimes what I want is not what is best for me.
I have also learnt that divine timing is always on time, so sometimes what I want, I am not ready to receive. We are not ready when we are in fear, when we are in doubt, when we are yet to learn some of the lessons requires us to be that person that can receive the very thing you say we want. Sometimes we have to be more patient, more disciplined, more focused, more restful. Whatever it is, once we get there that thing that we are ready for seems to just fall in our laps.

Disappointment is also about letting go of control, yes, humans again, want to control everything and will not learn that we cannot. We can respond to situations and circumstances. Control is different to being prepared and being ready. My mantra has been expect the unexpected and handle it!

So, as I navigate through my disappointment today I am reminded that, a delay is not a denial and divine timing is on time, all the time.
Many times the things that I believed I wanted was no where near to the joy and satisfaction received from the things I got.


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