Tough Conversations are...Tough

Learning that you can’t control the other person’s reaction, and that it can be destructive to try, can be incredibly liberating. It not only gives the other person the space to react however they need to, but also takes a huge amount of pressure off you. You will learn things about yourself based on their reaction, but if you are prepared to learn, you’ll feel free from the desperate need for their reaction to go one certain way.”  Douglas Stone

Tough conversations are.....well tough!

They take so much courage and quite a bit of willingsness to be vulnerable.
Many of us prefer not to be vulnerable and to remain safe. It seems safer to remain where we are than run the risk of being seen as weak or as confrontational or whatever story we make up to validate not facing up to what we need to face up to
I am one that absolutely avoids confrontation, I cannot stand it, so courageous conversations are truly a huge lesson for me
What I have learnt though is this
1. Say what you want to say with love and a pure intention to get it off your chest rather than to prove someone wrong and prove yourself right
2. Say it in the best way that you would want to hear it
3. Say it and leave out the judging of everything
4. Expect the Unexpected
Show Up
and Forgive


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