My Worth is Not Attached to What I Do

You work from sunup to sundown, afraid to stop, afraid to lose your worth in the eyes of others. But more important, you are afraid that the moment you stop doing, you will lose the worth and value you have placed on yourself. It is this, do- more -better- faster approach to living that leads to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance - Iyanla


I have heard about this term "Work-Life Balance"
The term became popular because we became a society that work more than anything else, we put work above it all because we believed it allowed us to live better lives. A bit of wrong sided logic.
I have learnt that without balance, the scales are tipped, and usually not in your favour.
I have also learnt that when one is doing something with purpose and intention the balance is automatically built in.
Consider this, if you love yourself and is moving on purpose, you will make it your business to rest, you will be having fun and you will be grateful for the little things, you will make it your business to have fun, to rest, to play, to exercise, to be.
It is built it
As opposed to when the work is just to survive and pay the bills and more importantly to prove your worth to others
If you are working to prove your worth to others, to pay for the things you believe will signify that you have "made it" and your worth is tied to what you do, what you earn and who you know, there can never ever be balance
You will continue to search for that validation and worth from work
Balance does not require you to do anything better or faster than anyone else, it does not require you to compare your life to others
It requires that you make aconscious effort to be,to do, to rest, to work, to play and be present in those moments while you are doing it.

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