Adventure on the Essiquibo

When you have an intact, healthy sense of worth, you value other people. You realize that people are different. You understand that people see things and interpret things in different ways. You do not compare yourself to them, nor do you feel the need to compete with them. You know who you are, which means you can accept others as they are.Until Today

I decided to take in the towns off the Essquibo River yesterday, as usual asked no questions
We cross the river using a very huge and long draw bridge onto "the other side" drove for about another hour and there we were on a pier. Ok, so far so good.
Then I saw the boat that I would be entering to cross this river, which by the way is so huge! Seems smaller compared to the Nile, maybe it was my extreme concern about the boat
The boat was a small wooden structure that held a maximum of ten people - to me 7 too much
The captain said the wood never sinks, whatever happens the boat will float!
Well I have none of that type of wood in me so what's going to happen to me?
Thanks for the tip cap!

I got on the boat and we took off to 4 small towns, I am amazed at the simple life that still extists, people were chilling in their hamocks with their families, talking and laughing in the first town
The second town was where they say the gold is! it was bustling and busy, boats at the dock were in and out, people were on a mission
The third, Sloth Island was peaceful and calm, I really enjoyed that stop
We stopped at a waterfall next, the water was brown, they told me its because of the minerals. I will accept that, just wont be bathing in it, no offence!
Then it was time to leave
The tide rose, I looked at the wood, I reminded myself that the wood will float
The Captain said we would have to go slow as the water is too rough
A river yall? With waves?
We spent 2 hours on that river, it was rough literally and every other way
Nightfall hit, the place was pitch black, I started singing songs to take my mind off the fear
David Rudder was the choice!
I was so happy to touch land, I cannot even begin to explain!

One more day in Guyana, the adventure continues


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