Guyana Green Expo Day 2

Until today, you may not have realized that you have the power to reshape and redefine any experience Iyanla

I am in Guyana to facilitate sessions at this Conference and appear on a panel - that is all I know
The agenda I have't seen - not because I haven't asked, I have asked and was told that the agenda is shifting and will be given the details tonight. I let go immediately the fear and need to be in control, the Universe is obviously talking to me. As soon as I let go, my gracious host asked if I wanted to go into town to do errands in preparation for the workshop. I jumped at the opportunity, after all, what else would I do back at the conference centre?
We took a taxi into town, the capital of Guyana is called Georgetown , they call where we were going "Town Town" a combination of wide tree lined streets, old historic buildings and loads of people on the streets selling, shopping, standing and talking. The vibes was high, the sun was so hot we abandoned all attempts to walk to go anywhere and jumped into a taxi who thought he was running a party car, the driver turned up the music so loud! We asked for it to be turned down, he wasn't best pleased so we got out of the car and walked for a bit, then had to abandon that idea once again.
We ended the "town town" tour at a Fish and Chips spot for lunch, plaintain chips too! It was delish!
Give thanks for the opportunity to see the town from a local's perspective,
Let's see if I get the agenda later on today!


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