Power Plays

Myth 1 : Power lies in the title – biggest myth power lies in you not a title, in you understanding who you are, and that is a long journey

Power plays
Power moves
Power slots
Power positions

Do you have a definition of power? 
Do you know what your power is, where your power lies?
Do you believe that you have power?

Is money power? 
Is your position at your job, your home, your church, any organisation that you are a part of considered power?
Is power just for the have's?
Can the have not's have some of the power?
Are you afraid of your power?
Where is your power?

Gary Zukav said that your authentic self is the foundation of your power.

I have learnt that we are all born powerful, by virtue of us being here, we are powerful.
Our power lies in the belief that who we are is enough, and once we start from that place, the power that we have grows exponentially. I learnt this after realizing that no amount of money, status, friends in high places, material possessions can make you powerful if you do not believe that you are. 
The status quo is power lies in status and riches and political appointments, and yes that may be so, however not having it ought not to render anyone powerless.
Flip on your power switch! It's in you


 Have you read any of Akosua's work?


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