Are you willing to no longer recognize yourself?

 the rejuvenated woman, She’s modest, but bold to the depths. She knows that enlightenment is waiting for everyone to claim them. Courage is key. Danielle La Porte

Transformation is a word I never used much! I talked about wanting a life where I was happy, and living my dreams! I learnt that happiness is a choice and that getting to a place where I can indeed live my dreams involves some sort of transformation! Why? Because simply what  I was doing before wasn't working, something had to change.

And what can I change? I can change my thoughts, my mind and my approach, that is all!
Being here in Africa on this journey I have made the choice to be willing to change my mind, to transform! What a ride!

Are you willing to no longer recognize yourself? You have an idea in your mind of who you think you are – you like certain things, you act this way, you respond this way to and so on and so on. You pride yourself in this. All of this becomes integral parts of your personality. For any of it to shift is unsettling because it redefines who you are. When you transform you must... let go of the perceptions of yourself! You are busy trying to squeeze the great, grand, magnificent, spiritual you into this lil ole box called your personality. And in clinging so insistently to your personality you squeeze out the possibility of your greatness!

You must be willing for things to come out of your mouth that you never imagined would come out of your mouth. You must be willing to say “I am sorry” when you would have held your ground to the death, even when you know you are wrong! You must be able to appreciate at a deeper level the people, places and things that used to just rile you up. You must be willing to see value in circumstances and conditions that you had written off as worthless. You must be willing to see possibilities in a blocked path and know that a way is being made out of no way! When you are willing to no longer recognise yourself for who you used to be, a revolution will happen in your life, to the eye will look like a transformation. Peace!!!


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