Proceed to what now must become!

"Good job." says self to self. "Thank you for your words of wisdom." self replies. "Give Thanks" they say in unison, and together proceed into what now must become. Natalie Stewart

I’m pretty excited today! Well I’ve been excited since last night. I was on the phone with the publisher talking about how we will approach the marketing of my book. As we were talking, Megan, the marketing expert says to me “are you sitting down?” Yea I am

“Congratulations, your book is ready to hit the stores, you just say the word and we set a launch date!”


Yes, it’s done, we are sending you out a copy tomorrow!

I said to her “ can you hold on for one minute?”

I ran around the flat, I screamed into the cushion and did a wine (our local dance) then I went back to the phone

So what did I learn today?

I am absolutely convinced that action is the bridge between your dreams and making it happen! I am absolutely convinced that every action that takes place leads you to where you are and that is exactly where you need to be at the time! I know that surrendering the outcome to the Universe and having faith beats worry every single time and that this book is one of the most frightening yet fulfilling exercises that I have ever done



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