Who you wanna change?

The most honorable and loving thing you can do for yourself and those you love is to tell the truth. Telling the truth is a sign that you respect yourself and them, (Iyanla, the boss!)

Sharing an article I read this week from my girl Danielle La Porte, the Universe is so awesome I was saying to a friend, we were talking about the sale of my house and I said why doesn't he just change? and sure as night turned to day, this article came into my vision! I wanted to share it! Peace!!

"Human beings are capable of incredible transformation. We break through. We break down. We re-invent and we rise from the ashes. Some people even manage to make quantum leaps and extreme emotional makeovers.
But for most of us, we are just who we are and that’s that. People don’t change very much. Not really. Your every day “you-ness” has been there since you got here, (just ask your dad, or your kindergarten teacher, or any astrologer.) Extroverted. Jovial. Tender-hearted. Curious. Cautious. Exacting. Bold. For better or worse, your essential personality is likely going to keep on keepin’ on.
This might be an easy notion to accept for your own self. But it gets tricky when we try to apply it to all those other people whom we think would be better off if they just, you know, made a few changes…
List 3 characteristics that you wish someone in your life would change. Things like ‘be punctual,’ and ‘say thank you more’ don’t count—those are actually behaviors that stem from bigger personality traits such as considerateness, selfishness, free-spirited, trusting…
Then, list 3 of your own personality traits that have been problematic for you. Pay attention to how you feel as you make this list. Judgment? Futility? Soft-heartedness? Relief?
Now just muse the possible fact that big changes are fat chances. Go there with me. And then consider these options:
1. Love things just the way they are. (Radical, I know.)
2. Commit so wholeheartedly and intensely to change that you blow the odds right out of the water. (And make no mistake: intense commitment is exactly what it will take.)
3. Keep right on wishing. I hear that hope springs eternal.



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