Dancing and the Spirit

I am not the person who is singing
I am the silent one inside. . . .
I am not my house, my car, my songs
They are only stops along my way. . . .
—Paula Cole, “Me”

 They asked me to come and see the dancing and how they pass on to the young ones the traditional Acholi dances and music. I kept postponing it! I finally got there! The whole village was present it would seem! People up on the hills, some seated on the ground, some standing. They gave me a stool to sit on. There were drums, large calabashes, and other musical instruments made from cow horns, string, wood and cow skins. The dancing began! Every dance had a meaning! The waist movement, the songs, the screams! I was Loving it! One of them asked me if I can try one of the waist movements! Yea man ,I from Trinidad allyuh ent know we know how to wine or what? The original throw yuh wais crew! Ha! Well well  needless to say I have not but a clue how they do what they do! Madam, relax, be here, be right here, now now! Feel it Find the place where you lose yourself! Connect with the spirit! Remember consciousness is free, consciousness is free. Well well, I am learning lessons in the middle of the mud and water in front of a house in a village! How awesome is that?

Absolutely grateful to experience the dancing and celebration today and the passing on to the young ones! Awesomeness all round! Peace!!
So what did I learn today?My dancing feet are nothing without the spirit within!


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