Moment by moment

8th August 2013

Throughout life, the two most futile emotions are guilt for what has been done and worry about what might be done (Wayne Dyer)

Today is Eid, a public holiday in Uganda. As I was driving to base the streets were filled with women in their hijabs and men in their long robes and hats.  I passed an area and in an open field were women in colorful head pieces sitting on the grass on mats, very organized. I thought about my boxing coach who within the last few weeks he trained as normal while fasting, I asked him about it and he said to me your mind is more powerful than you ever think, this is what I learnt from fasting.

One day at a time is all you need to do, take each day as it comes, focus on the day on the now moment. A lot of times we have the tendency to focus on the future and make up scenarios in our head which most times are worst case scenarios. This is different from planning.  I think planning involves a more positive outcome of the different options available, more optimistic approach

I don’t know if I will ever fast for forty days, before I wouldn’t even consider it because I went straight to the thoughts of being hungry and weak! After talking to Opio and hearing his reason of training his mind and believing that there is power in our thoughts I may give it a go and see what happens knowing that I am not only a body, that I control my thoughts and take the day and the time moment by moment

So what did I learn today?

Taken from the Course of Miracles, “I am not a body, I am free for I am as God created me” connected to the Source with the power to control my mind. Meet the present moment and live fully in it.



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