Ramfle Diva

Cherish each morning and give thanks for each evening. Sarah Bran Breathnath
Ok, I know, you’ve heard this before, I’m working on letting it go but the electricity situation here is really a test of acceptance and patience for me!

I got home last night, there was no power. I got to my lamps and low and behold I forgot to charge them up! Oh boy, so using my phone to look around to see if I have anything else that would provide some light! There was nothing that jumped out at me! Then I said ok let me use my laptop! I got into my room and decided that I would lie down and take a quick nap and by the time I wake up the power would return! Ha!!! Fat chance. I woke up maybe like four times and no power. Fell off to sleep at about 5 forgetting that Opio my boxing coach will be coming to get me for our morning run at 6am! On the dot the phone rings! He was outside! Still no power! Dressed in the dark and went running!  Got back, still no electricity so today I am at work looking like a ramfle diva! In Uganda, 16% of the population have electricity and it is not a steady supply! With water it’s even less than 10%! This in a country with oil, gold, minerals, dams and waterfalls galore! It still blows my mind!

So what did I learn today?

Charge up the batteries for your lamps, get some candles and some food that can be eaten without having electricity and give thanks for life!!



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