No Order - No peace!

There is not a person here on Earth who has not made mistakes in the past. Mistakes are misqualified energy and are opportunities for growth. Sabrina Reber

I was asked to ensure that two of our trucks left the compound on Saturday loaded with products for our customers. I must admit I delegated the task to one of the responsible committed ladies.

I called later on to enquire about the status of the truck. The truck had an accident and turned over, luckily no one was hurt. This was Saturday evening, the truck is still there! Plans have been made to transfer the products onto another truck and forward to the customer.

I asked how did the accident happen, they told me a combination of the truck being overloaded and another truck which bullied them off the road and they lost control

I am happy that everyone got out alive, I couldn’t help but think how important order and discipline is! If it’s one lesson that I have learnt being here in Africa is how vitally important order and discipline is! There is chaos and confusion without it and this contributes to every aspect of the community!

No order, No Discipline = No  Forward Movement



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