Your mind is your kingdom

Stand guard at the door of your mind!(Unknown)

What do you let enter your mind? How do you even view your thoughts? Are you even aware of them? I've learnt that my mind, my thoughts is what I have complete control over. At any time that I CHOOSE I can change my mind!
It really is that simple, change your mind, change your world. Really! So how do you change the thoughts? First you pay attention, you challenge, you question some of those old beliefs! You don't have to believe everything you have been told, ask some questions! The other thing I suggest is meditation. This is an awesome way to still the mind, to not pay attention to all the noise and thoughts that passes through the mind!

A Course in Miracles puts it so nicely "The mind is a tool, given to serve us. It does nothing except what we want it to do. The problem is that we have not been watching what we've asked the mind to do."

So what did I learn today?

 My mind is my kingdom, and I am king of my mind. I rule it; nobody and nothing else does.


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