What is the "something else" you are seeking?

What is the "something else" you are seeking? It might be wealth, or fame. It might be some form of worldly security. It might be romance. It might be hot sex. Or a good time. Or a quiet family life, in the tradition of the American dream. We've called it by many names. We think these things are what we are seeking for. Yet no matter what we may think, these things are not what we truly will for ourselves. They are all forms, forms that we believe will give us something. It isn't the form we are really seeking, it is the content, it is what we believe these things offer to us. And what is that? Inner peace. Satisfaction. A sense of completion and wholeness. A sense of worth. An inner knowing that we are essentially good; lovable and loving. A feeling of belonging, of being valuable. ACIM

On Saturday we had our first session of the training called Journey to Self Discovery (JSD). The Course is designed in a way that it challenges you to think about your core beliefs, values, perceptions and attitudes. Why? It asks the question, are these learnt and followed blindly and are they assisting you in your journey to success in whatever endeavour you have started, are they assisting you in becoming the person you want to be!

Quite an interesting bunch gathered. There were students, successful entrepreneurs, a university professor and people visiting Uganda with the hope of settling down there. I myself learnt so much even though I was the facilitator. You may have realised by now that I take every opportunity to learn something in every situation. I strongly believe that all things are lessons that God will have us learn!

So what did I learn today?

Everyone wants to feel loved, appreciated and at peace. The way we decide to go about achieving this comes from our values, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes. When we accept these without questioning them, at times we end up “spinning top in mud” moving but not going anywhere!

Challenge and question them, you may just find out that they might be a big fat lie!



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