Surrender allows us to face the thing we fear before it becomes a reality. The fear of being wrong. The fear of losing control. The fear of being found out. Most of the time, the thing we fear has absolutely no power, yet we brace ourselves for the worst possibility. In that defensive posture we keep our minds fixed on what could or might happen. The fear of facing that imaginary negative outcome is what keeps us paralyzed. Surrender places us in the offensive position. (Iyanla, the boss teacher!)

Today I speak at Nob View Hotel in Kampala to corporate leaders and entrepreneurs', this is my first time speaking in front of a room full of African business owners and aspiring owners. Well truth be told, my belly has been flipping all morning! Like making somersaults, the ones you see in the Olympics when they are doing gymnastics! I will go brave, be authentic and surrender all the negatives!
Wish me luck!!



  1. Bless up on the speech! i hope it's taped, so you can post some excerpts!

    1. Thank you! I had such a good time at this event! The presentation got some good feedback, I must find out if it was recorded! Will let you know!! Peace!!


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