See others as spiritual beings

Be loving to others
see others as spiritual beings, looking beyond personalities
accept others despite their differences from us
treat others with respect
be supportive (Sabrina Ruer)
 Why do you fret so about trying to predetermine all of your steps? Just as you cannot eat next week’s bread, so you cannot travel next week’s journey, You can only be where you are. Pay attention to where you are, pay attention to where you are, pay attention to who you are! You are trying to find the people like you. Everybody is like you!!! Everybody is like you and you are like everybody until you can embrace this without moaning and groaning about it you will be in judgement. What about all those bad people and all those bad things that they are doing? Well what about them? Just what about them? You are trying to elevate some and lower others, not simply as, a matter of justice in your mind, but, because it puts you and how good you are able to feel about yourself in comparison to all of “these” people that you despise. You keep going through various processes to make yourself different. You spend a lot of time on the exterior and all of the gadget. There is really only one of us here and as quickly as you embrace this, is the rate at which your awareness and consciousness will change!


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