There is a voice that doesn't use workds.... Listen!

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go."   - Anon

I think I need an African break, and as soon as I started feeling that way I decided to book a ticket to go home! Yup! I have learnt that to honour the feelings and that means acting on it.I ignored it for a bit and I found myself acting out through silly things like screaming at the boda-boda men who are complete dare devils on the road, getting upset on base for such nonsense!

Ok, so said let me listen, I booked a ticket to go home via London, I am excited about taking a break and spending some time in both London and at home with my friends and family.

What happens when I don’t follow through and honour my feelings and desires? Things around me get affected, many times the signs you get from life are messages, the voice within speaks to us and when you listen and follow through life begins to get simpler and makes so much more sense for me!

 So, now tickets booked the whole world seems like ice cream!

Looking forward to the African break!

What signs are you not listening to and ignoring and how does it affect your everyday living?



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