Walk a mile in their shoes

I don’t shy away from leading, teaching or mentoring. I just don’t think I need to present like I’m something special or doing something that others aren’t capable of in order to use my voice. Do I have expertise? Sure. Am I great at things? You betcha. I also have a lot of dishes in my sink, a smashed up car and stretch marks. And these, among all my foibles, failures and imperfections, do not negate my capacity to make a difference and offer what I have. We hold ourselves and each other to bullshit standards which results in fraudulence and fakery and a really stressed out culture. (Chela Davidson, life coach)

The talk about judgement and judging other people was still in my head! Sometimes things hit home when they are really close to you. I recognized that I have been judging people without knowing what the full story is, lacking the knowledge and background, then what happens is like cause and effect other people in turn judge me! We all are on a journey learning lessons as we take the path, some of us are walking it blindly and feeling our way! When this is the case, we will bump into things, make and take turns which lead to dead ends and detours. Instead of making judgements why not learn or choose to not make these judgements, that whole concept of “he without sin cast the first stone” it applies!

Stepping out into leadership, teaching and new territories takes courage and guts, it takes determination and a thick skin! At the same time recognising that we are all human, perfectly imperfect! Set high standards for yourself and remember that everyone like you is also on a journey and you have not walked a mile in their shoes!



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