Your inner world is where your creative power resides

The vast majority of mankind currently lives in a world of unconscious co-creation. Many are running on autopilot and are unaware that their inner world (their thoughts, feelings and imagery) is where their creative power resides (Iyanla Vanzant)

So I decided to do the Rotary Cancer 10k on Sunday. Now this is not totally abnormal but what made it in my mind seem so challenging was that on Saturday the boxing training was intense! After the session my muscles were cussing me! I said to myself “self, you must be a nutter to go and do this race after that boxing session, but I got an answer right away, do it, just because you can!)

I arrived there early, at the Kololo Air Strip, the starting point of the race but I didn’t know the eact route that would be taken for the race. I asked someone and they gave me an idea. More second thoughts started creeping as the number of hills were more than I anticipated. Which again, would be alright if my legs were not jelly from hill sprints in boxing the day before!

Pull yourself together chick! You are here and you can do this!

I did the race, I finished, I got home and the only thing that wasn’t paining were my teeth and my eye balls! But that pain was nothing compared to the satisfaction of doing the race and keeping the commitment I made to myself!

So what did I learn today?

You create your world by your thoughts!



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