A moment is not momentary

A moment is not momentary .My tour of duty in this part of Africa is coming to an end very soon. Now that I know and they know that my time is limited, the requests and requirements are coming thick and fast. Seems like time is running out! I’ve been unconsciously been telling almost everyone, either not at this moment or when I have a moment!

And exactly why are you in such a hurry Madam? Is there some place you can go where this moment is more precious there? Is there some time frame in which life is more precious or sweeter, than in another moment? Do you know that a moment – the moment- is the point in time when you actually experience life? What you consider a long time is essentially just a series of moments. The moment is when you DO! The moment is when you do anything.

Are you afraid that there will not be enough of you, that you will run out, exhaust, all of your resources? Are you afraid that you may miss something? You have so many excuses for not acknowledging life as an ongoing process that is unfolding moment by moment. There is nothing left out in the concept of every moment. It implies that you are present; you are here, not over there, wherever there is!

Every moment means that you cannot pick and choose when you will be your authentic self: for being your authentic self is a requirement at ALL times in every moment!



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