A thank you note

This morning, my usual practice, I wake up, meditate, read something while drinking a cup of tea and a bowl of fruit! Nothing unusual there, I picked up an Iyanla book and started reading and the tears just started flowing! Now I'm not the tear up type so my first response was , hmm what's going on here sister? stop it! then I thought to myself why? why stop it? obviously there's some trigger happening, feel the feelings and let it go! After I felt light!!!  Still not sure what the trigger was though but thought I would share what I read with you

" Thank you for reminding me that it is not loving to hold on to hurt or to withhold forgiveness from myself and others. I thank you for allowing my life to reflect back to me those things about myself that I have been unable to see, unwilling to acknowledge and unable to heal. Thank you for demonstrating to me that I can experience joy and happiness without pain and that the greatest joy of all is being able to accept and embrace myself exactly as I am, right where I am"



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