Seeing Africa through another's eyes!

Now please clearly understand that every relationship is a relationship with yourself, firstly, mirrored by the significant other.  After you have accepted yourself, unconditionally, then, secondly, you can give acceptance to them of what, and who, and when, and how, they are.

I have been seeing Uganda through someone else’s eyes over the past ten days. I have been seeing myself reflected in someone else over the past ten days! Let me confess here right now, it’s been at times scary as hell! I mean, so many of the things we see in other people and most times do not like is what we have buried deep down inside and people come around, in fact, the Universe sends them, to call you on your stuff! It is actually quite a humbling experience!  So been having fun sharing the experiences and learning and creating new experiences.

The Africa that many of us have been taught about falls into a number of categories.  There’s the starving children, there’s the magnificent animals, there’s corruption, there’s the regal and majestic tribes and the strong women, then there’s the clothes! Africa is so much more than that! It cannot be contained in a box or into categories! It has been for me a step beyond a spiritual connection, a lesson a day, tailor made just for me!

Now here I am sharing these experiences and myself along with it! The last days of my stay here for either case I have no idea what will happen next! All I can do is let go, trust and let the Universe guide me towards the next step!

That doesn’t mean that it’s not scary but here I am! All in!



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